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One Dragon Service

One Dragon Service refers to complete service. Its origin is from China but now it is available in Kuala Lumpur. 188 Escort is the second escort service provider in Kuala Lumpur offering the One Dragon Service.

What is One Dragon Service?

One Dragon Service is the art of stimulating a man using techniques developed over the years by professionals in the sex industry. It involves servicing every inch of a man's body (especially the genitals) using a variation of techniques. Each technique has its own name in Mandarin and is developed to ensure ultimate satisfaction. It takes 90 minutes to completely service a man from head to toe, front to back and penis to anal. This is done so using hot tea as well as ice cubes on every part of your body. Can you imagine the sensation on your skin, penis and anal? Some girls even use popping candies to suck your penis. Popping candy is a type of candy which fizz when it touches liquid (saliva). The feeling is like a thousand ants jumping up and down your cock when she gives you a blowjob.

Important Points

There are two important points to note with the One Dragon Service.

1) When you opt for the One Dragon Service you are paying to be satisfied in ways you can never imagine or have come across. So it is important that you do not rush into sex. All you need to do is lie down on the bed and be serviced like a King. In fact, most experienced men who engages sex service request for good service girls rather than pretty girls as they want to be sexually satisfied the way their partners are not willing to satisfy them. If you are the type of person who seeks to service the girls then our advice is don't waste your time and money on the One Dragon Service. It is not what you are looking for.

2) As mentioned earlier, it takes 90 minutes to completely service a man's body from head to toe, front to back and penis to anal. So if you come across spas that try to market this service to you for half the price or half the time it is better to forget it. You will be getting the half or incomplete version. Again don't waste your money and time. By the way, the One Dragon Service has nothing to do with soap or body to body (B2B) massage. Some spas try to con clients with such service and call it the One Dragon Service.

One Dragon Service - Experience sexual stimulation at its best

For the One Dragon Service you are allowed to have two rounds of sex and the girl will normally stay with you for 90 minutes. The service is divided into 2 rounds starting with servicing your back. When that is done you should have one round of sex. The second session involves servicing your front and again you can have another round of sex. If you do not have hot tea in your room you should boil the hot water as a substitute. As for ice cubes just order from room service or purchase from any convenient shop nearby. You should get the ice cubes only when the girl arrives otherwise it will melt.

Name                      :    One Dragon Service
Service Duration   :    90 minutes non-stop service
Sex Sessions           :    2 cums allowed
Escort                      :    Chinese
Availability              :    Outcall in Kuala Lumpur (by appointment only)
Price                        :    RM 1000

Normally, when men engage sex service the girls will only service the man for a short period of time (5 - 10 minutes) before moving on to sex. Isn’t it true? Is this want a man wants? How then can one be truly satisfied? Well now 188 Escort has come to your rescue with our complete One Dragon Service. It is 90 minutes of non-stop action which we guarantee will change your perception of what is good service. If you are the type of men who seek good and satisfying service this is the package you have to try. The highlight of the service is how the girls use hot tea and ice cubes to service your entire body from head to toe, front to back, penis to anal. The girl will perform acrobatic stunts while giving you oral sex. She will twist and turn, suck and pull, moan and groan…. Blowjob, sex, rimming is all included. It is satisfaction at its best and we guarantee you will be shocked to learn that there are so many ways to service a man which you are not aware of. We guarantee you will remember this for the rest of your life.

You owe it to yourself to be properly serviced and our One Dragon Service is the perfect gift for yourself and your friends. It is time to fulfill your sex wish with 188 Escort. Call us to make appointment for the One Dragon Service. Available for outcall only in Kuala Lumpur.